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A Call to Arms!

"And so it begins...the Fight Against Cancer: I humbly and fervently accept the nomination for Man of the Year by the Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Texas Gulf Coast Chapter. So, please enlist in our Battalion of Good and help us achieve the objective of raising over $100,000 for LLS (the leading non-profit organization committed to finding a cure and giving life to those who are currently fighting or will fight the challenges of blood cancers!).


We have all been somehow affected by cancer – in those cherished ones that we have lost, and those loved ones that have survived. This is a call to arms! A time we push back! The mission begins here, between March 20th and May 30th, 2014 – as we raise the flag of compassion AND as much money and awareness as we possibly can for LLS, to aid in extinguishing cancer, battle by battle, until we win the war against this devastating disease!


Check back shortly for a list of events, our plan of attack, and to hear all the details from the front lines, but by all means please do your part and donate today!" 


“Sam wants YOU in the Fight Against Cancer!”