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Together we can help WIN The Fight Against Cancer!

So, why me for Man of the Year? It's surely not about a title or mere victory; it's an extension and a more serious "call to arms" of the work that I have done in supporting several of Houston's leading children's cancer-related charities and efforts. My support of LLS is now elevated as over the last several years my peripheral involvement with the campaign has been completely enlightening, enriching and utterly inspiring. I come from a background of medicine. My father was a physician, a "doctor" in the true sense of the word - healing people by his presence alone, founded upon an innate care and an ultimate respect for the delicacy and brilliance of human life. I was in medical research early in my career. It was frustrating to spend endless hours in a silent laboratory while the outside world was deafeningly suffering from incurable diseases. Given that and without surprise, I wholeheartedly embrace my current career, where every day and night I get instant gratification in caring for and contributing to the amazing people of this city. The often slow political world of science seems more unified and on a committed track to finding a cure for blood cancers. The progress they are making is a direct effect of the work that LLS does - raising incredible awareness, offering unconditional support and donating millions of dollars to perpetuate and evolve the research that is saving lives TODAY and paving the way to a cure for all types of cancer.

Truly, we have all been affected by this terrible disease in some way, whether it's loved ones we've lost or having fought alongside a courageous survivor. Mostly, I am inspired by the children that are given a chance at a normal life after enduring near death at an age where they can't possibly make sense of "why me?" Seeing them come out on the other side of that is incredible. Their perspective is wider, their expectations of life are different and with more resolve, their appreciation for EVERYTHING is deeper. In honor of the Boy and Girl of the Year, James Ryan and Sydney Marquis, and for all those that have bravely gone before them and will follow in this fight, I proudly do my part and take action on their behalf.

I have aggressively accepted this candidacy and have consumed myself with the battle at hand. I am so fortunate to humbly serve a community I am proud to be a part of, knowing great people such as you - generous and caring in all you do. I am merely a conduit for your goodwill that will do so much to find a cure for blood cancers and pave the way for an ultimate cure to cancer.

Thank you for your time and consideration in joining us in the Fight Against Cancer! Your generosity will make a difference in the lives of many.